Saturday, April 09, 2011

MPA Roses Creativity Awards 2011

The Brief: Younique - Great advertising & design connects with its audience. In six steps connect yourself with a hero. Present as a book and show us how unique your are.
Good news! I received a Commendation for my book in the Roses Student Creativity Awards 2011. This has to be one of my favourite projects. The book is an accordion fold in which also the back links to the front. The slip case, transparent ink and wood type on dampened 300g Somerset, was not the easiest to produce but I do like a challenge.


  1. It is a beautiful thing to behold, Jax! Well done.

  2. oh fab news! (had to sneak that word in there ;D) you very talented lady x well done x

  3. ‘I'm a lady’ hehe! FAB and thanks Hannah x


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