Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Art & Design Exhibition

Well I made it in one piece with just a few added grey hairs! After initial problems regarding fire regulations in the big glass atrium Studio51 came to the rescue printing our 2m x 1m on fire retardant boards so no cutting and sticking for BA3 Graphic Design students just a deadline brought forward by a week! Fantastic quality, I was so pleased how they all turned out especially the brick wall and wood type, want to bring them home!  Had six boards mine are from the ‘One milliooo,ooon thanks' to the brick wall with a 20" x 30" letterpress printed poster.
The Art & Design Exhibition runs until Friday 24th June at UCBC with lots of fantastic work from design, textiles, fine art and photography students, so come along if you're local and show your support...
I'll be posting about some of my favourites from the exhibition next week so watch this space!


  1. it looks bloomin' amazing jax! you must be so chuffed, i know i'd be :0) well done you & have fun with the exhibition!

  2. thanks Hannah, Private View was a blast! Now to dye my hair ;D

  3. Ohhhh, amazing, well done. You must be so pleased and relieved and also a bit sad. What a fantastic achievement.
    Those boards look really great

  4. Thanks Lou x
    I know it will be sad to not see all my uni friends, but so glad no more dissertations to do ;D

  5. This looks great - Congratulations!

    I love the board with the giant photograph of the letterpress blocks : D

  6. they are waterproof too! Was thinking I could clad out my shower but that's maybe taking my obsession a little bit to far :P

  7. This looks like a great looking show you have put on here. I wish I was more local as I'd definitely be visiting - letterpress has to be seen in th flesh to be appreciated fully.

    Vert inspirational and I'd love to incorporate this kind of thing into my photography - perhaps letterpressed titles underneath images - that would look great and add an extra dimension.

    Good luck with your show and I'm sure commercial and personal success will come from it.

  8. Thanks Andrew, your right best seen in the flesh.
    I did a letterpress workshop for lots of HE students, photography students included, and we did exactly that, printed type over the photos! Would have loved to see them experiment some more with large wood type and more transparent ink.

  9. Great looking display - I thought the brickwork panel was a real wall - DoH! The woodtype panel looks really effective too.

    All in all, a great springboard for the business !

  10. Had you fooled for a mo ;o) Thanks Ian, fingers crossed x

  11. What a wonderful blog! Your work is amazing. Would love to take a look in your studio and see all the beautiful wood letters you work with. I'm quite envious! I'm the proud owner of a few letters but I would die for an ampersand!

  12. Thank you Ellen! If you are ever in Lancashire you're welcome to call in ;D
    So glad I've found your lovely blog too, I LOVE vintage! Following you too now.
    Thanks again for your lovely comment
    Jax x


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