Thursday, June 02, 2011

new designs

I've been working on new ideas using my new logos I showed you in this post the tent works well on a folded invite and couldn't resist an envelope to match. Think the receipts will be a nice touch to send with purchases. Also designed a couple more, the swatch tag for fabric printed products and a gallery.
Now for an email newsletter featuring the megaphone...


  1. I love all this - I think your branding is amazing and really cohesive....even the receipt is so well thought out! : D

  2. All looks fantastic!, just been catching up with your blog and your new logo and website design are fantastic! love all your work:)x

  3. really wonderful, to think a receipt can be an object of beauty too! (my poor tattered pound shop receipt book will have to go)

  4. thanks ladies ;o)
    Killing two birds with one stone counts towards my degree and I can use it too ;o)

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