Thursday, November 03, 2011

I'll be selling my wares in Holmfirth, the heart of the Home Valley, Yorkshire this Sunday 6th November. There will also be a table top press with me, so roll up, roll up and print a postacrd for free ;)
Do say hello if you come along!
More information available here


  1. Sounds like a really good event! 'Fraid I can't be there although I will actually be in the your half of the country as I'm heading North for the weekend. Have fun!

  2. WAy Hay! count me in! Hopefully my energy will be back by then, so will bob down and say hello! And massive thanks again for my prints and cards, gorgeous!! Lisaxxx

  3. Lovely meeting you today!! how gorgeous and bubbly are you in the flesh!! your fella and boys are so lucky to have such a fab wife and mum!!! Hope we can meet up again and try my hardest to get a word in edgeways!!x It was my first day out in 10 days so my energy wasn't great but such a tonic meeting you, hope sales went well, take care Lisax

  4. Hannah hope you had a good weekend! x
    Lisa Ha Ha ;D I do talk alot! Thank you lovely lady was so lovely to meet you and your beautiful family in person, will see you again and next time will let you do the talking ;D x


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