Tuesday, November 01, 2011

paper cut

Commissioned paper cut, not my usual sort of work but it's a long story, 50 x 50cm, all 248 words cut by hand!
A surprise first anniversary present representing all the things the couple did in their first year to form a  circle symbolising eternity, no beginning and no end, it will continue to grow.
A lot of hard work but I was so please how it looked in the end, made even better by the lovely email from Amy...
“I couldn't believe it when I saw it, it's absolutely stunning! I can't imagine the time and effort it would've taken to put it together. Thanks so much.”
A big thank you to Craig for trusting me with the design.
What a fabulous thoughtful gift, so romantic don't you think?


  1. A true labour of LOVE for all!

  2. Fab work! Insanely jealous of their lifestyle. Can you do one for us for 2011? "went to Morrisons" 52 times should just about sum it up :)

  3. That's amazing - what a lovely present to receive!

  4. What a thoughtful husband!
    Yes mine would include Morrisons and wash on average 1820 pairs of socks a year ;)

  5. Oh my goodness, absolutely amazing. So many hours of intricate work...

    Yes, mine would be of the Morrisons variety too ;)

  6. Fantastic! So romantic and clever! Well done:)

  7. Wow this is visually stunning! you produce fantastic work.

    I have to agree with Lisa Stubbs too very romantic and clever.

  8. Thanks John! great to hear fro you again ;D


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