Friday, January 27, 2012

Leeds print Festival 2012

Celebrating traditional and contemporary print process through type and image.

26th to 31st January 2012

Leeds Gallery
York Street, Leeds LS9 8AG.

One-week Festival has a programme of exhibitions, lectures, workshops, open studios and performances covering all print disciplines. This unique collection of events will deliver a dose of inspiration whilst drawing attention to print and its importance in contemporary design culture.

A sneak peak of a new print I created especially for The Leeds Print Festival, would have loved to have done more but time gets the better of you! Not my usual colours but have wanted to have a play with colour for so long.  8 colours in total with a print run of 10, and only ruined 3 of them!
Really got the creative juices flowing and I'm going to make it so that one day of every month I just play, have some fun and be inspired. Either do some crazy work in the print room, visit some gallery, just anything that gets the mind working!
I'll be visiting the Printers Fair on Saturday which will be a nice change not to be selling. I'll report back with pics and my inspiration for my new print soon!
PS I had a sneak peak of the exhibition and the work is amazing, so get yourselves to Leeds if you can!


  1. You're such a tease!! Colours look yummy - can't wait to see the whole thing!

  2. Ha Ha! Didn't feel i could post a pic until the exhibition was over. Plus waiting for a bright sunshiny day for some good light ;) x

  3. Looks very intriguing, I might have to come and see!


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