Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Play on...

Inspired by these in a recent  post, my new print for the Leeds Print Festival. Playing homage to vinyl and the art of the album cover. 50cm x 50cm print, eight passes on the proofing press and printed using 66 line hand carved Latin Condensed and wood furniture.
The wood type came off a kitchen ceiling in Bradford so only fitting that it made it debut in Leeds! I have a total of 56 pieces plus punctuation, it was part of a mad wood type collage and came complete with epoxy resin and bits of plaster! Operating a clean as I need to print system...
I ended up with 8 decent prints not sure whether to put the print in production or not? Whatever the outcome I had a bloody good time printing them ;)
As usual your comments good or bad are much appreciated x


  1. oh goodness. i love the ink overlay!

  2. That wooden type is amazing! Was looking forward to seeing this and not disappointed at all. Love everything about this print, Jax - the colours, the piano keys - so clever -and the square album cover type shape!

  3. Thanks Tanya and fun to do - more in store I think x ;)
    Hannah yeh glad you notice it all x ;)

  4. Hi Jaqui, it was good to meet you at the Leeds Print Festival, and have the honour of setting up my stall in front of this poster (I did get a little tired of saying no when people asked me if it was mine!) and I am still flabbergasted that you bought one of my prints too! Ok, so how do I get me one of these babies? I should have tried to do a deal with you at the time, I know, but here I am, in a regretful state, offering my soul up to be picked bare...

  5. Hi there Chris! You should have done a deal! I was a bit slow on the uptake too though ;D Tried to find your email on your blog, can't, so will DM you on twitter x

  6. I adore this! I would definitely buy one!

    also, would be curious to see the yellow piano keys in that magenta-y purple... just a thought :)


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