Monday, March 12, 2012

kicking some cancer ass

‘Free Spirit’ original screen print by Lisa Stubbs
All moneys from this screen print go towards raising funds for Yorkshire Cancer Centre Reg, Charity No. 1075308
The lovely Lisa is a HUGE inspiration to us all, a talented Yorkshire lass who's has put “...brave face, hard hat and hob nail boots (to kick some cancer bottom)” And boy can this girl kick cancer ass ;)
After facing a mastectomy, chemo, plus radiotherapy she is embarking on a trek up 3 volcanos. Go girl!
You can read all about Lisa's amazing fund raising challenge here, donate JustGiving and follow her journey on her blog.


  1. Thank you thank you thank you xxxxx just having a snotty tissue moment reading your post, I really appreciate your support Jax xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Lisa you go girl... so proud of you! xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Inspirational and humbling. (And a lovely print!)

  4. Isn't just, makes all our problems seem tiny! Bought the print and going to place it where I can see it everyday ;) x


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