Saturday, September 29, 2012

to have and to hold

Remember the 50s wedding mood board here? Well I've printed some samples in pewter, the blind emboss on the lace I decide to do just a hint, helps the impression stand out. It involves just adding the tinniest amount of ink to transparent white and I love the effect. You could have a hint of blue, purple, pink, any colour to soften the mood! 
I'm working with several brides at the moment and one wondered if I could print on wood! So after some research and contacting local suppliers I found the perfect product to test on. The results are wonderful I love them! Ok I need to work on some more suitable designs but I'm crazy for their tactile quality. The impression doesn't photograph too well on the wood but it's there and I just can't stop running my fingers over them!
I love it, take one design, change the ink colour or the surface and you get three totally different moods. Which is your favourite?


  1. They look gorgeous Jax. I like the blind emboss. We can do a close up of that on an angle to try and show the texture more :)


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