Friday, September 28, 2012

vintage finds

Tin was free so can't complain Joan Holden scratched her darn name on ;D
Vintage paper edge trimmer which I think was meant to give an edge quite like torn paper?
Tried it on all sides and wasn't keen, like it on rustic paper stock just on two ends!
It was free too, never know when I might need it ;)


  1. Hello Jacqui! I am looking for an affordable trimmer like yours. You are a lucky woman indeed! The trimmer must have belonged to a photographer; it was used to trim the edges of old black and white photographs. Back in the day...

    1. Hi Lola! Yes very lucky ;) Someone else told me that it was used for photographs too! if I ever come across another one will let you know. Nice to meet another female letterpress printer ;)


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