Wednesday, February 20, 2013

you've got mail...

Yes mail of the analogue variety, a new design I'm working on for my affordable letterpress range of wedding stationery.
Inspired by a typed royal letter by Elizabeth II’s lady-in-waiting, a simple design that lends itself to letterpress beautifully. Vintage typewriter font deeply impressed into paper that takes you to analogue heaven. Here I've designed the letter as informal and friendly, the paragraphs indented. You could make it formal or have fun, or even personlise by writing each of the guest names. Par it with a vintage style telegram as a save the date or RSVP. Tactile kraft envelopes and vintage stamps finish off this nostalgic suite.
Has you seen the new Royal Mail London Underground stamps? I love the ‘Commute from the suburbs’, the image is from the Museum of Transports collection. A good tip is to keep an eye out for Royal Mail bringing out a new collection of stamps and buy them pronto to finish off your invite envelopes. Much more exciting than the standrad 1st class stamp. I love the box I found below, so plans are a foot to do a little postal box for the invite for the final samples. Just waiting for my new thick card stock to arrive and then I can get some samples printed, So many ways to customise this set, I could go on forever, as usual your comments would be much appreciated x
typewriter my new toy, a fabulous gift from a family friend / typed letter / London Underground stamps / telegram / wax seal envelope / found vintage postal box from my vintage ephemera collection


  1. Absolutely fabulous, Jax!! Really like this sort of thing -I've done some Save the Date cards in a similar vein actually - but I love that you've thought the whole theme through x

    1. Thanks Hannah!! I reckon people could have lots of fun writing a letter, a change from the norm. ;D Hope you are well - we need to catch up xxx


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