Monday, June 28, 2010

Folksy Day at Keighley

Can you see what it is yet... :o) attempt at the Wax Batik workshop at the Folksy get
together on Saturday. A lot harder than you think, my fish look a little deformed!
It was a fantastic day and I met lots of talented new friends and a few where definitely bitten by the letterpress bug during the workshop!
In all the excitement I didn't take any photos, but you can see
the gallery and everyone's tables over at Swirlyarts,
thanks Lynsey!
A huge thanks to Jo AKA Glassprimitif for organising the event, she was also happily clicking away during the day, so no doubt we'll see a few photos on Folsky :D
And also a a big thank you to everyone for making me feel so


  1. Jax - it's the imperfections in your print that makes it so unique. Love the colours too.

  2. Aw thanks Jo :) Hope to have another go soon!

  3. It was good fun wasn't it? :)

  4. Just wish time hadn't gone so fast :)

  5. hey at least your fish have scales, mine are definitely a lower life form, somewhere below the slugs. i bet there was a wee surge of letterpress searches on ebay after your workshop - i was certainly amongst them.


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