Saturday, January 29, 2011

My fab dad!

Happy birthday to my fab dad! I couldn't begin to list the things my dad has done for me and even at 45 I'm still daddy's little girl ;o) Love this old photo of my dad with his sulky sister, my gran and great gran.
I'm off for a walk to dad's allotment, found these pics from early last summer...
I'm longing for the long summer days, warm sunshine and raiding my dad homegrown fruit and veg!
Spring will soon be here, last year there was blue tits in dad's nest boxes, the year before a little robin had some chicks in his gardening glove in the shed ;o) Wonder who'll be making a nest this year?
Have a wonderful weekend...


  1. happy birthday to your dad! fab photo's, love the pout on your dad;s sister!

  2. I don't know how I keep missing your blogposts Jax. Do you still Twitter them? This one is lovely. Like the old piccy of your pa. Beautiful allotment too.

  3. That's is some pout isn't it ;o) Probably because she had to sit next to stern great gran who was a grumpy old bugger ;o)
    Sometimes I forget Claire ;o) will be looking for inspiration as what to do with the veggies on your blog ;o)

  4. Ooo... yes the summer warmth, & some colour, & the long dayz, seems such a pigging long time ago right?
    Marion :o)

  5. fab allotment and fab pout too. I love the little bit about the robin making her nest in a gardening glove. so cute.

  6. @ Primchick yes too long-g-g-g, role on summer ;o)

    @Apryl We didn't dare keep going in the shed in case she flew off and didn't come back! Did take a peek though and was so cute!


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