Thursday, January 27, 2011

Typugila- Gourmet for designers

Extra virgin olive oil for the type geeks like me!
Available in 3 different packs featuring a handmade and hand-coloured earthenware bottle, a letterpress numbered tag and a small bag of olive leaves from Apulia in Italy where the olives are grown. Special editions also feature eco friendly packaging and vintage wood type.
All the packaging is designed to be reusable, you can find out more here at the roots shop on etsy.
I love the colours of the bottles, especially the blue, which is yours?...


  1. awesome! love it. too expensive for my budget but awesome.

  2. @lou - I have the colour green in my bedroom, calming ;)
    @apryl - too expensive for me too! On my present list ;)

  3. These are just gorgeous, and that packaging: Wow!


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