Tuesday, February 01, 2011

new stockist and print

I've some exciting news to share with you! A selection of my prints will be available at the next unlimited editions pop up shop in Brighton. A new print especially for the occasion featuring some chromatic, two part,  wood type which is fast becoming one of favourites!
I'm amongst some very talented company, check out their website or better still pop along and see for yourself...
Love Letters Pop-Up!
Saturday 5th February 10am - 5pm
The Old Stables, 4B Upper Gardner Street, Brighton, BN1 4AN
Also available  in my etsy and folksy shops.
Yes it should have an apostrophe after S but they are not commonly used in signage, so that’s my justification for not using one, so all you disciples of punctuation don't hit me with your exclamation marks ;o)


  1. fantastic news jax! fab new print x

  2. Love it!! it's perfect without the apostrophe!

  3. Thank you!!!
    You wouldn't believe how long I ummed and ahhed over the apostrophe, lucky for me I know a Doctor of English ;D

  4. Love the new print (even without the apostrophe!)


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